Shipping and return policies for Marvin

Shipping Info
To prevent unnecessary payments, we manufacture most of the merchandise only on order. So shipping it can take up to a week within Germany, in other countries much longer.
Return Policy
All the merchandise sold on my page is made with love. I really care about a good quality, but sometimes you're not happy with your order. You can send your merchandise product back to me in the following cases under the following conditions.

1. I'm actually in Germany. Here, every customer can return his bought product in the first two weeks after ordering, that's the law. If you don't want your order any longer, you can return it within fourteen days without declaring a reason. But I can only give you your money back when the product is still fine and doesn't have any signs of use.

2. If your product got broken within two years after buying it and you clearly don't have it wantonly destroyed, I'll take it back and send you a new one or you recieve a coupon for buying other merchandise in the value of your old product.

Before sending your product back, please contact me: